Back to school Backpack Guide

Back to school Backpack Guide

As sad as it is, summer is over. Fall is approaching and it’s time for new classes to begin. Waking up on mornings, running late, rushing assignments and preparing tests. School is hectic and stressful. But good stationary and school supplies will give you the motivation to get up and be productive.

One essential school supply is a backpack or some other kind of bag that carries other boring stuff like books. It is a useful item but one that displays your style statement. A cool bag is just as necessary as a spacious one. How perfect is it to get both these qualities in one piece. Our bag collection offers backpacks, shoulder bags and messenger bags to fit your requirements and style. Opt for our classy pieces so you feel excited for everyday, just because you’ll get to carry an amazing bag.


Backpack with style

The basic requirements of a school year include books, notebooks, folders and lots of stationary. Sometimes you have to carry a laptop or an iPad too. Well, our backpacks provide the space to carry it all. The uptown backpack is perfectly designed to be spacious enough for all essentials.

The larger compartment of the shoulder bag allows you to throw in large items. Fill it up with textbooks, notebooksand some fun stuff like a deodorant, makeup bag and some snacks. This compartment can also hold the chargers of your devices. You can fit your 15 inch MacBook pro in the inner pocket which is especially padded to provide protection to your valuable device. Your iPad or some other tablet can be put safely inside another available pocket. And guess what? You have a pocket for your smartphone as well. For convenience, this pocket is given on the backpack's strap.

The front and back pockets can hold smaller stuff like your earphones, candies or bookmarks. If you want your earphones within the reach of your hand, you have a pocket on the outside for that. The internal organizers prevent your smaller items from getting lost inside your spacious shoulder bag. In case it starts raining unexpectedly, the rain cloth has you covered. The mesh allows air ventilation too. Along with all these features, you also get to change the shape of the backpack by adjusting the main compartment.

Messenger bag like none other

Our stylish messenger bag has useful features too. Other than being spacious, it is adjustable. The strap size can be changed to how you like. Unlike other messenger bags, ours comes with an air mesh strap to provide comfort while carrying it.

The internal pocket has been slightly padded to carry files securely. The padding makes it a firm pocket so your files won’t bend and ruin. Just like our shoulder bag, our messenger bag also comes with internal organizers for small things. The spacious compartments let you store all your essentials. There are pockets for carrying your phone, stationary and laptops.

 Our bags can change your back to school experience by providing comfort and user friendliness.


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