Story behind ONOTONE™

Harmony of the Opposites

Being an immigrant in beautiful Seattle, I had the opportunity of mixing with people from all over the world.  I learnt that diversity is the key to Harmony.  It is colorful, beautiful, traditional and modern.  I am inspired by how various colors, patterns, material used by people across the world to manufacture different products.    Can I use cultural inspirations to  create high-quality, well designed goods that I would want to buy myself?  That was the birth of ONOTONE™.  

We launched our first accessory collection inspired by minimalist lifestyle in December, 2017.  This is just the beginning.  We are evolving, we are observing and we are learning.  We look forward to bringing you a world of creativity in the near future.  

Furthermore, we have a strong commitment to community support. For detailed information about our latest project, please refer to this link.