Can't find Earth Tone Color Scheme?

Can't find Earth Tone Color Scheme?

Painting can be quite a hassle when you have to get it done on your house or any building. One of the biggest conundrums related to it happens to be selecting what color of paint you want on the house. With so many different shades that look similar on paper but can end up looking completely different when applied, the selection process needs to be thorough and needs to be done with extreme care. You only want the best paint naturally and the best looking one as well. One kind of tone you need to look for is the Earth Tone. 



The Earth Tone Color Scheme

As the name suggests, the Earth tone comes straight from the Earth. The Earth tone is basically a color scheme that is based around shades of brown and tan and are similar to some natural objects. Indeed, some inspirations for shades of the Earth tone color scheme happen to be brown soil, leaves, and even the sky. It is based all we can see around the Earth and the shades we can extract from natural objects. Applying an Earth tone to a place can give it a natural look that you will rarely find with any other color scheme. 

Earth tone colors don’t show up on the color wheel because they are natural and can’t be purely manufactured. They are normally made by combining a neutral color with a pure color or two neutral colors with each other. The shades are thus decided by the consistencies of the mixtures and how much of either kind of colors you put into making your Earth tone color. No matter what kind of color you end up making, may it be warm, chalky, or cool, a color on the Earth tone scheme is bound to give you a natural and authentic look.

Ways to Find Great Earth Tone Color Schemes

There are a variety of color schemes that happen to be related to the Earth tone. However, most of these color schemes happen to come from entire cities or villages that predominantly carry those particular shades. For example, some have taken the town square Stortorget in Stockholm, Sweden as their inspiration for a scheme of Earth tone. The historic town square happens to offer a number of grey and chalky green shades that become suitable to use for people looking for something close to the grays of the dour evenings of the Scandinavia.

In such a manner, many people have gone around the world and built up Earth tone color schemes from historic towns and other historic places. These places can be warm, like the Mediterranean, cool like the Scandinavian countries, or chalky green like central Europe. It is up to you to decide what kind of Earth tone color scheme suits you the best. For that you need to look at all the shades and find the ones that appeal to you the most. The shades can be found on the internet and it’s better to have picked some before you go to purchase. 

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