Natural Bamboo iPhone case

Natural Bamboo iPhone case

iPhone X case bamboo


Time and time again we see bamboo being utilized to build and create various things that can be made just fine with other materials as well. Why is bamboo gaining so much spotlight and popularity lately? 

The short, precise answer is that bamboo is environmentally friendly; it is sustainable, strong, plentiful and more importantly profitable. With the threats of global warming dangling overhead, people generally like to do what little they can, to try to preserve and sustain our natural resources and be a little more ‘green’.

Bamboo is not a new trend or a fad, bamboo, in fact, has been popularly used for centuries for building weapons, tools, working equipment, fabric, furniture, utensils, etc. 

So then why isn’t it that we give up the plastics, glass, and other materials for a more environmentally friendly option where the opportunities are available.

A Mac book/ IPhone case, constructed out of bamboo is a hundred times better than its mass produced plastic counterpart. Here are the top reasons why:


Environmentally-Friendly: Bamboo, as a commodity, is one of the quickest growing plants one can utilize to afforest. Bamboo plants also yield much more oxygen than other plants and trees of the same size. Once you cover your IPhone with your new bamboo case, you know you’re helping the environment a tad. It’ll make you breathe better too.


Sustainability: Bamboo is a special plant that does not need to be damaged in the process of being cut down and harvested. Bamboo shoots regenerate every 3 to 5 years. This entails shortening the entire timeline deforestation and effectively enhances how resources are utilized on this planet.


Strength & Durability: This is one of the most predominantly useful reasons for an individual to consider buying accessories for your iPhone or Macbook that are constructed out of bamboo. Bamboo is STRONG. It is comparable in durability to maple wood but it essentially lighter than oak. The tensile quality of this plant is equivalent to steel. A bamboo accessory to your IPhone will wholly outperform its plastic/ PVC/ Silicone/ Rubber counterpart. It is heavy-duty and resilient; needless to say, drops and falls won’t damage or break it easily. This, in the long run, is always money saved on excessive purchase of new accessories and covers every few months.

MacBook Skin Bamboo


Profitable: There are literally thousands upon thousands of people currently in the manufacturing business, churning out wooden accessories for your electronic devices on the daily. For these manufacturers and lumbar harvesters, it is important to know that bamboo grows at a much quicker rate than a normal tree since it is, essentially, grass. There are varieties of this plant that can grow up to 4 feet in a single day. Thus, it is, unquestionably more profitable than any other wood. 


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