Minimalist backpack debuts at Kickstarter

Minimalist backpack debuts at Kickstarter


ONOTONE has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter to support its new minimalist wallets and backpacks for those who find happiness in  simple living.

Seattle, October, 23, 2017: Seattle-based accessory company ONOTONE has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter to support its Minimalist Wallets and Backpacks. Crafted with genuine leather, this clean-cut single-slot wallet is ideal for those who champion the ethos of “simple living.” It’s available in two separate sizes for men and women. Their backpacks are simple, stylish and durable. It cocoons your Macbook Pro, iPad, and similar devices. All products are shipped free in the USA and up to 35% off on Kickstarter.

Their recent crowdfunding campaign is geared to raising around $4,500.

“Why burden your life with unnecessary extravaganza when you can be happy with the basic essentials? Happiness is about ‘simple yet quality’ living and our new Minimalist Wallets and Backpacks are all about that,” said Daminda de Silva, the leading spokesperson from ONOTONE. “Minimalist Wallet is clean-cut, single slot and made from genuine leather. The slot offers adequate space for all your essentials like coins, notes or cards. Its handy size makes it easy to carry in pocket without the usual bulky feel of regular wallets with too many slots. The streamlined design of the Backpacks provides a great freedom of movement. It cocoons your Macbook Pro, iPad, and similar devices. Put simply, our Minimalist products are the first and last thing for all those wise fellows who prefer ‘quality over quantity’. It’s for the smart minimalists who know how to look classy without exaggerations. We are looking forward to come up with mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support would help us to bring out nifty Minimalist Wallet to life.”

Their new backpacks are available in two variations- Classic Backpack and Uptown Backpack. Both the backpacks offer sufficient space to carry both smaller and larger items including a 15” Macbook Pro. Uptown Backpack is bit larger than ONOTONE Classic Backpack. Plus, there’s a small pouch on its backpack strap, where you can put your smart phone etc.. A hole for cable outside gives an easy access to earphone, USB cable usage. Last but not least, detachable rain cloth is in a dedicated pocket for sudden downpours. These backpacks can be used by students, professionals or anybody who has to carry laptop along with other essentials. The Minimalist Wallets from ONOTONE come in two styles- Kai for men and Umi for women. The Kai sports a dimension of 4.5” by 3.5”. It can carry notes, coins, cards, etc. and easily fits in front or back pocket. On the other hand, Umi is slightly larger with a dimension of 7.75” by 3.5”. This variation can carry everything that can be carried with Kai but additionally offers space for smartphones like iPhone 7, iPhone 8, etc.

“We promise you high quality products to complement your ideals of simple living and high thinking.” ONOTONE is dedicated to create quality accessories that duly reflect style and sensibility. Added to the current products, the company intends to release a new line of backpacks in the near future.

A cool host of rewards are waiting for the backers. These include the Minimalist Wallets, Classic Backpacks or a combo of both Minimalist Wallets and Backpacks from ONOTONE at highly discounted rates up to 35% off. Products are shipped free of charge for a limited time.

To show your support for the campaign, visit Kickstarter.

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