Are you a foodie planing to travel Portland?

Are you a foodie planing to travel Portland?


Portland, at 145 square miles, is the biggest city in Oregon, America. The city inhabits approximately 640,000 people and is the runner up to the most populated city in the Pacific North-west. Portland is often regarded as one of the more “green” cities in the United States due to its locally grown food, countless greeneries and parks, limited use of private transport due to the substantial development of public transport system and a vast community of cyclists. Portland harbors perfect whether for residents as well as tourists and travelers, with cozy, warm summer months followed by rainy, cool winters. The environment is perfect for harvesting roses, which is why Portland is infamously known as the “city of roses”.

Portland has often been acclaimed, by eminent blogs, journals and publications, as one of the best places globally for street food. With over 600 amazing food carts, there has to be a flavor to suit every taste bud. The city is also infamous for the biggest number of breweries compared to any other city worldwide. The city has been declared one of the best destinations to enjoy food. 

The following food places are a must visit for foodies, travelers or anyone looking for an authentic Portland food experience:



Brunch in PortlandBreakfast is the most important meal of the day, it also needs to be the most fulfilling and satisfying, especially on those particular cheat days. A popular breakfast destination in Portland is The Big Egg. This brunch place is notorious for serving mouth-watering combinations of sweet and savory sandwiches. Craving a French toast with a twist? No problem! This place will have you covered in their to-die-for egg and ham brioche toast.



Pizza in PortlandPizza is one of the most celebrated foods of all time in countries around the world. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Portland harbors some of the most amazing pizzerias in America. From the most tradition mozzarella delicacies to the new and fun Nutella pieces, pizzas cater to all in this lovely city. For the ultimate pizza experience, head on over to BallaFaccia Pizzeria to get a customized pizza just as you like it. They even make pizzas specifically tailored to your dietary preferences. BONUS POINTS! The joint offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options to cater to customers of every preference. 



Portland TavernPortland offers great Texas-standard barbecue in several authentic locations. Smokehouse tavern is a fairly new place, starting in 2015. They offer great fusion style barbecue that amalgamates traditional/ old-fashioned barbecue with a modernistic twist. The pastoral ambiance is pleasant and the menu is full of cuts from all varieties of meats. They offer fish, cow, lamb and fowl amongst other meats. For anyone seeking a truly ‘Portland’ experience, this place is a must visit.



ice creamUnlike the food truck operating in majority of the United States, food carts and trucks in Portland tend to stay stationary at length. Head out to Scoop Ice cream truck stationed conveniently in South-east Portland, for absolutely decadent flavor combinations such as sea salt caramel and cardamom apricot. For individuals with an even greater sweet tooth, the truck also carries an assortment of other confectionaries and candies including ice cream cakes, brownie sundaes, jawbreakers, gumballs amongst others. These sweet treats will for sure satisfy even the strictest of food critics.


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