Walking with a laptop backpack will burn three times the calories

Walking with a laptop backpack will burn three times the calories

Seattle Gasworks Park

Hiking and backpacking is a go-to activity in many areas of the US – including Seattle. The closely packed network of streets, incredible sidewalks, diverse neighborhoods, plentiful parks, as well as the long, storied history of Seattle makes it the ideal place for hiking, as there are many walking routes and things that anyone would want to see. As such, people often find it easy to move across the city. While hiking could mean a lot of things for different people, for a majority of people in Seattle, it is a way of life. 

Doing long walks in the city of Seattle is a lot more fun and helpful than you may have imagined. The benefits, especially regarding health and fitness, more than doubles when you throw a laptop in the backpack. For instance, depending on your age, height, and fitness level, you can burn up to 125 calories during a 30-minute walk, according to the Compendium of Physical Activities. Throwing a weighted backpack on will see the amount of calories burned increase significantly to about 325 calories if you take the same walk. This means that just wearing a laptop backpack will see you torch naearly three times the calories.


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Urban Hikes in Seattle

Therefore, it is evident that regardless of whether you are embarking on urban waterfront hikes at the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop or just want to look at the outstanding green spaces at the Seward Park, wearing a laptop backpack will benefit you immensely.  

sunset in seattleAmong the other places you can go hiking in Seattle, the Discovery Park ranks very highly. It is the largest park in the city of Seattle and features 11.8 miles of trails that cover 534 acres. While there, you have the option of setting off to the lighthouse to explore the impressive tidal beaches that lie just below the park’s remarkable bluff or go to the Wolf Tree Nature Trail where you can relish the raised boardwalk over wetlands. Either those or you opt for the Discovery Park Loop Trail, a designated national recreation trail that measures 2.8 miles long and boasts an elevation change of just 140 feet. The trail passes through both forest and open meadows, offering you extensive views while hiking all year round. Carrying your laptop backpack along for the hike will help make for a more demanding hike experience, which is essential for people who want to test or boost their endurance levels.

Pike Place MarketAsides the Discovery Park, Seattle offers plenty of other options such as the Washington Park Arboretum, which offers education and scenic places that you can explore. The oak and maple trees allow you to learn about various plants from different parts of the world, while the Japanese garden allows you to savor the experience of Japanese aesthetic and philosophical ideas. If you are a visitor to the park, you can sign up for a guided walk or night hike. Other exciting places you can go hiking in Seattle include the Burke-Gilman Trail, Stairway Walks, Camp Long, Seward Park, among others. Overall, Seattle has all the desirable qualities of an urban trail system. 

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