Visiting Seattle?  Here is why you must visit the Pike Place Market

Visiting Seattle? Here is why you must visit the Pike Place Market

A public market in Seattle popular for being the oldest operated public farmer's market, the Pike Place Market is a beautiful place to have a shopping experience. For those who live in Seattle, the area is a beauty they can enjoy whenever they want. However, if you are touring Seattle, you should definitely visit the market in order to have store this experience in your memory.

What is the Specialty?

The Pike Place Market overlooks the Eliot Bay of Seattle. Imagine yourself shopping and enjoying the soothing view. In addition, the market is on the edge of a steep hill along with multiple lower levels. Each level features a verity of shops. You can not only find fresh produce but a lot of vintage stuff too. Collectable shops are common and so are family-owned restaurants. 


The Pike Place Market as a Tourism Spot

The market is quite popular as a tourist spot. Around 10 million people visit the Pike Place Market on an annual basis. While the location is a hot tourist spot in Seattle, it is also the 33rd most visited tourist destination in the world.

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The Pike Place Market as a Community Treasure

It is easy to see the Pike Place Market as a business front that features a rich history. However, the sentiment is deeper than that. The market has a special place in the community of the downtown Seattle. It brings together hundreds of farmers, craftspeople, small businesses, and residents. The sense of unity allows building a healthy neighborhood. 

The market has more value because each group of people brings something important to the table. moreover, it is helping preserve history by using the old buildings and carrying on the true goal of the market. Even beyond that, the Pike Place Market has great significance in today’s society and business world. It allows small businesses to flourish while making quality services possible for the low-income individuals. 


Social Services at the Pike Place Market

The Pike Place Market is an amazing treasure for the welfare of the society. It features several types of social services. Prominent services include the Food Bank and the Pike Market Senior Center. Social services are supported by the Pike Place Market Foundation. The foundation’s mascot is Rachel the Piggy. One can find a life-size piggy bank in brined under the Markets clock and sign. The foundation takes responsibility for providing quality services for the neighbors with low income through fundraising. All in all, a lot of community building is being made possible and managed.

If you are planning a tourist trip to Seattle, this is one location you need to experience. It is just not about being the history stored in the Markets infrastructure but the passion for humanity it is inspiring around it. If you appreciate efforts for community building and want to see them in action, then the Pike Place Market should be a sure spot on your itinerary.

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