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Colorstrology - Astrology with Colors

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Michele Bernhardt who is an intuitive, astrologer and a numerologist developed a system of colorstrology that assigned every day and every month of the year a different color (Pantone). This system of colorstrology has been developed by her in according with sun signs and ruling planets. It also includes the concepts of numerology. Each color in the table of colorstrology represent a different set of humanistic attributes and traits. For example, by referring to the colorstrology chart, one can check the color associated with one’s date of birth or one’s friend’s too. That color will determine his/her most prominent traits.

Below is a list of colors, each associated with a specific month of year according to the book Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You by Michele Bernhardt. 


January: Caramel

Caramel color for January represents people who like to think logically and are determined and sure-footed about their decisions. People born in January often have a practical approach. The color also represents traits like responsibleness, carefulness, discipline and persistence.


February, Sheer Lilac

The color sheer lilac represents qualities like imaginative and kind. This color hints on having good relationships with friends and family. According to colorstrology, one can take help from this color when feeling emotionally stuck or disturbed and move towards emotional detachment.


March, Fair Aqua

Aqua is usually used to represent the color of water. People born in the month of March are usually dreamy and deceptive. Fair aqua helps these people in differentiating between reality and fantasy by helping them develop trust and coherence.

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April, Cayenne

People born in this month have a high tendency of being fiery and energetic. Cayenne represents passion, dauntlessness and strength. April is the month of spring season and sun sign Aries. Use Cayenne to find the lost motivation. 


May, Bud Green

Bug green is a color of equilibrium and prosperity. It is also the color that represents healing, vitality and assurance. May represents the peak of the spring season. Bud green gives strength and abundance to people of May through its freshness.


June, Aspen Gold

Aspen gold, a child of color yellow is both, triggering and reinvigorating. Yellow color is filled with brightness and represents intelligence and mental sharpness. It is excellent for articulating one’s thought and communication.


July, Coral Blush

Coral Blush is near to the color pink which is a symbol of care. Coral blush is soothing as well as gentle representing love and empathy. One may use this color to calm down one’s emotions.

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August, Sun Orange

Sun orange represents enthusiasm and joy. Also, it is used as a symbol of power and grandeur. This color helps specially against darkness as well as promotes power.


September, Baja Blue

Baja blue is the color of peace and represents beauty and purity. This color helps in broadening the mind and releasing tensions


October, Cerulean

Cerulean is a calming color which resonates love and beauty. It is very helpful in supporting relations and maintaining balance as well as for finding inspiration. 


November, Claret Red

Claret red is a deeper red with a hint of pink symbolizing intense passion, love and care. It is easier for people born in this month to make place in others’ hearts. Claret Red helps them with their ambitions.


December, Pagoda Blue

Pagoda blue helps in spreading optimism in the atmosphere. It also signifies wisdom and is also a symbol for honesty. It is a great color for meditation and travelling. 





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